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  • #CreativeBoost: Organizing for the Creative Individual

    Do you find that traditional organizing and filing systems put a damper on your creativity and take the joy out of your work? If so, join us on Wednesday, March 25 at 9:30 am.

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    Unique to our coworking space, we have resources like Pantone swatch books and a 27" iMac with Adobe Creative Cloud, just for creative professionals.

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    Can't find a place to host a business meeting (other than Starbucks)? Meet in the Creative Colony conference room!

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Coworking for Creatives
in Downtown Silver Spring

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Creative Colony is bringing creative professionals together in a collaborative community where they are growing their businesses independently, but not alone. Creative Colony is the first coworking space in Montgomery County intended specifically for commercial, creative professionals, such as designers, filmmakers and web developers, though anyone is welcome to join. Not only do members have access to furnished, shared workspaces, as well as infrastructure to support their general business needs, the location has industry-specific resources to help their creative business grow. We'd love to have you come visit us. We're walking distance from the Silver Spring metro, and just a half-mile north of the Washington, DC border.

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