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Business coaching with Shala

Very few business owners start their creative businesses with a clear vision and game plan for success. If you’re like most small business owners, you jumped off the ledge with your talent and passions and hoped to figure it out as you go. Some do and some don’t. And some, with the right people in their life, avoid common mistakes and are guided on the fast track to success. That’s where business coaching comes in.

Creative Colony is a unique community. It began with a desire to support others as they pursue their passions. It’s not our style to just think about ourselves, but we care about the community around us. The same should be true of our coaching clients. Creative Colony Business Coaching works with authentic business owners who are passionate about their work and contributing to their community. They understand that running a business bears a responsibility that is greater than their own bottom line, but see it as a part of their own special calling to use their unique gifts and talents to make a difference both locally and beyond. If that’s you, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your business.

About the Business Coach

Shala W. Graham, Founding Operator of Creative Colony, has been a creative entrepreneur for over 12 years and has experienced the highs and lows of being a small business owner. She founded Brand Calling, the branding and design consultancy that launched Creative Colony, in 2005, taking it from freelance into a firm with trusted employees who care about building the business. An avid believer in learning, Shala regularly invests in professional development and works with her own one-on-one business coach to help her tackle the next stages of business.

Named one of Maryland's Top 100 MBEs of 2014, Shala brings real-world knowledge to her coaching from both a business management perspective and as a branding and design expert. She has a knack for helping business owners prioritize, build their business on brand, and cuts to the chase while being gentle, humorous, and gracious. Her desire to see others succeed is infectious, and she will leave you feeling empowered and on-track to achieving your biggest business goals.

In your coaching sessions, you will have access to her powerhouse of knowledge and skills, along with the collective wisdom of her network of business coaches. Shala can help you:

  • Create a balanced life, where you thrive in your business (getting paid what you are worth) and still have the energy to give in your home and community.
  • Be empowered to consistently grow your business without needing an MBA.
  • Create the space and time to cast a long term vision, with the strategy to get there.

Coaching sessions can be secured hourly or by monthly coaching packages. Sessions are typically one hour and are done via phone or GoToMeeting, but can also be face-to-face at Creative Colony on occasion. Schedule a 15 minute Golden Key Call to learn more about coaching, identify some key solutions for your business, and to see if she would be a good fit for you.

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"I get more done in a few hours at Creative Colony than I can in my home office in a full day. It's a great work environment with friendly people, a great location, and lots of perks--from printers to a conference room, kitchen (lots of coffee!) to reference books for creative types. Small and quiet, friendly and professional. And the membership plans are very flexible. :)"

Robert Mac, Comedian