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Special Discounts

We are proud to offer special discounts for certain situations! If you are any of the below, please contact us or talk to the community manager to learn more.

Additional Team Member Discount

If you have additional members of your team that you would like to purchase membership for, we are happy to accommodate that at a discounted rate. The following rates are per person / per month.

  • Additional Lite Member: $75
  • Additional Part-Time Member: $145
  • Additional Full-Time Member: $215
  • Additional Dedicated Desk Member: $400

Student Discount

We are happy to extend a 15% discount on membership or space rental for full-time undergraduate students and anyone in grad school, whether if that is half-time or full-time. We require proof of current enrollment—either a tuition receipt or a class schedule. Space rental should be for educational purposes only. Contact us for more details or schedule a tour.

Day Passes

Day passes are available to non-members for just $25. You can work here between 9:30-6:00pm, but need to schedule it with us first. Email us to set up a time.

Interested in joining?

Contact us today to schedule a tour and get a FREE 3-day trial! You can also join us at one of our monthly Creative Boosts to learn important new skills to apply to your creative business.

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"I get more done in a few hours at Creative Colony than I can in my home office in a full day. It's a great work environment with friendly people, a great location, and lots of perks--from printers to a conference room, kitchen (lots of coffee!) to reference books for creative types. Small and quiet, friendly and professional. And the membership plans are very flexible. :)"

Robert Mac, Comedian