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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3 Tricks to Blogging for Your Business

By Megan King

3 Tricks to Blogging for Your Business

Blogs can have a powerful impact on your business outreach. 

Your blog can help you…

  • improve organic rankings from search engines
  • position yourself as an expert in your field 
  • provide content that can escalate your “shareability” on social media
  • funnel social media audiences onto your website

Because of all these perks, it’s a good idea to make sure your blog is getting a little TLC. So here are 3 simple tricks to making sure your blog is a success:

  1. Provide interesting information that’s useful to your ideal target market. If you’re a graphic designer for tech companies, write about advice that’s important to readers. Don’t write about how your dog is sick. (Keep that one for a blog about pet health…poor little puppy!)
  2. Keep things short. The typical online reader is looking for info that’s easy to read and browse. So keep sentences short, keep paragraphs short, and steer clear of making your single blog post into a novel. If content is too dense or too wordy, your best information may be overlooked. That’s just the way we roll in our fast-paced, web-browsing society. In fact, I’ll test this theory now by seeing how many of you are still reading this tip since this paragraph and sentence are both getting lengthy in terms of typical web formats. Share in the comments if you actually read this… Point made.
  3. Keep it conversational. Write like you talk. Do you really speak with formally in everyday conversation? Do you really avoid contractions and say words like “you are” rather than you’re? And make sure you’re writing directly to your audience. (Hint, use the word “you” and picture yourself writing to one person.) (Hint #2, it’s okay to start a sentence with the word “and” — just don’t get carried away with this.)

Bonus tip: don’t overthink your blog. Good information, grammar and spelling is important, but if you’re taking 12 hours to write a blog — stop. Keep it simple, you have better things to do with your time. Another solution is hire a writer with a specialty in blogging. This frees up your precious time to focus on proactive business building and providing service in your field of expertise.

Now, go forth and blog it up!



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