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Monday, August 21, 2017

Members Feature: Christy Batta

By Megan King

Members Feature: Christy Batta

We love our members! Learn about Christy Batta, our long-time member and graphic design extraordinaire. You can find her at

Tell us about yourself and your business.

Generally speaking, I’m a Maryland native, thrift shopper, chronic illness fighter, typography photographer, time banker, community instigator, and stripes enthusiast!

For business, I am a graphic designer and branding expert for nonprofits and businesses doing good work for others. I partner with my clients to help them get all their materials working together visually to make the right impressions on the right people. I love helping make sure they shine bright for their causes!

What made you decide to go into business for yourself?

Before starting my own business I had worked with Shala Graham for 4+ years and she trusted me with a lot of responsibilities in interacting with clients, adapting design processes as well as creating and sticking to budgets! When things were changing up with the business, it made sense for me to give being a solopreneuer a try. That way I would know if it was something I could do or would enjoy.

Turns out both are true!

What’s the one thing you recommend to those who are considering starting a business of their own?

Just make sure you are ready to do a lot of growing–professionally and personally! I’ve had to learn a lot about how to be my best self in order to run my own business in this first year but all the things I’ve learned have been well worth it.

Can you share a tip on the success of your business?

Getting clear about your ideal customer for your business is crucial. I’ve found having that clarity has helped me feel more confident about the messaging I’m putting out there in the world, and makes networking much less painful! I worked with local branding and business coach Maggy Sterner to get support on defining my target audience and what makes my brand special. She is wonderful and so helpful!

Have any favorite business books you recommend?

Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future by Jonah Sachs is a great read about using storytelling to make your marketing stand out. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert isn’t about business, exactly, but is a must-read for anyone who has goals that involve using their creative talents!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Even if you are a soloprenuer, don’t feel like you always need to go it alone! I am always working on growing my support system that I can turn to for professional and emotional support. In addition to the Creative Colony community, I am part of the DMV Solopreneur Circle–where I can connect with other young business owners who are facing the same challenges as me. I also make sure to reach out to contractors for help with certain tasks that are weighing me down. Definitely push yourself to ask for help when you need it!

Have any upcoming events/specials/announcements to share?

I’ll be talking about visual storytelling at the September Meetup for Net2DC about Storytelling & Content Strategy Best Practices. This will be a great event for nonprofits and do-gooders to attend! 

I also co-organize the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring with my friend, Amina Ahmad. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Catylator Makerspace on the lower level of the World Building!

Thanks, Christy!



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