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Monday, October 09, 2017

Members Feature: Mindshare Capture!

By Megan King

Members Feature: Mindshare Capture!

We love our members! Learn about Mindshare Capture, a new company built by our long-time members! You can find her at

Team: (from left to right in photo) Lane Cooper, Nate Fisher & Airrion Andrews  

Tell us about Mindshare Capture.

We’re a strategic communications firm dedicated to helping executives and organizations engage with key audiences by delivering tailored messages. Specifically, we help our clients develop and maintain meaningful conversations. 

When did you start? 

We officially started our business in April, but our team has been working together for years.

We come from different backgrounds and bring complementary skillsets to help our clients communicate and engage with their markets.

Airrion is an experienced PR professional who cultivates relationships with reporters, analysts and other influencers who are interested in our clients' stories.  He has demonstrated a consistent ability to place our client’s messages in the most respected and influential publications and online media outlets.

Nate is a talented multimedia storyteller with a track record of helping clients get their message across in the most effective manner. He also serves as the Managing Editor for the group, working with clients and our global team of writers and content creators to ensure the right messages are delivered to the right audiences at the right time.

Lane is the communications strategist with 30 years in the media industry. He’s basically the  
black belt of storytelling.

What problem do you solve?

There are two sides to communications: 1) what you want to say; and 2) what people appreciate hearing. The problem is that these two elements do not always match. Our team serves as an advocate for audiences and help our clients deliver meaningful messages to targeted audiences in an impactful manner. 

We do this primarily for individuals and organizations that have complex offerings for dynamic markets. Typically, this means we work with technology or creative clients who must explain how constantly changing conditions require new solutions.

We make sure our clients are asking the right questions – those that are actually on the minds of target audiences –
so efforts and resources are focused on developing the right answers, which form the basis for key messages . 

It’s just as much about the quality and intent as it is about choosing the right communications channel. 

For example, we recently had a client who approached us to spend a lot of time and resources in growing their audience on social media, only to discover, after going through our process, that they actually needed to engage with investors.  We created a communications strategy that established a meaningfull conversation with that audience. 

What’s your secret sauce?

Our specialty is engaging via thought leadership. Many smart people deeply understand – and are passionate about – their solution and how it works. Thought leaders are experts in the problem statement that creates a need for a solution in the first place. We help to develop thought leaders who can explain complex concepts, and position them as trusted sources of insight with whom audiences want to engage.
What’s your favorite thing about working at Mindshare Capture?

Airrion:  Being able to wear sandals to work. And being able to address our own issues. In a corporation, trying to have conversations can be difficult. It’s a much different vibe to be able to band together and create.

Nate:  We get to help people tell their stories, it’s always different stories. That’s what I love to do. A lot of people are doing really cool things, and they are so passionate about it. We help them boil that down and share their story.

Lane:  I like working with Airrion and Nate.

What recommendations do you have for fellow business owners? 

Get out and talk with people. It’s really about having conversations, finding likeminded people and people you want to work with.

Don’t get bogged down by setbacks. Keep asking: What can success mean this week? What are the opportunities we can use to achieve things? That way you never fail, there’s always a way to course correct.

We run into a lot of startups and passionate people who think, “If this thing doesn’t happen, I've failed.” For us, we believe persistence overcomes resistance. When things don’t work, we pivot and keep going. Our game plan has changed every month, and that’s okay.

Finally, find teammates that you respect, trust and like.  When the fit hits the sham, these are the people who will hang in there with you until you get to the other side.

Also...don’t be afraid to fire crappy clients.

Do you prefer working as a team rather than as a solopreneur?

Airrion:  Personally, I think it’s common sense to have as many open and honest conversations as you can. Making sure everyone has a say. 

Nate: I’m a collaborator at heart and believe you’re always better off with others as a sounding board. There’s a magic to that.

If you’re a solopreneur, you just need to make sure you’re collaborating with others to get new viewpoints to grow.

Lane:  You can’t make the whole greater than the sum of its parts...if there is only one part. Yeah...I like working with a great team.

Want to share an offer for our fabulous readers?

We offer a free consultation to explore the communications strategy for your business. What we do doesn’t work for every business and market.  However, we love to sit down with interesting and bright entre/solopreneurs to help identify objectives and messaging strategies that might help you fulfill your full potential. It is always worthwhile to explore the steps you can take to reach the right people with the right message.



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