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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Tips for a Thriving Business

By Megan King

Tips for a Thriving Business

What's the key priority for a thriving business? 

Getting clients! Or customers. Or donors. 

Without these, chances are you're probably not doing so well with your bottom line. 

The ongoing challenge is, how do you get clients and keep them

The approaches vary across the board based on your unique business model and service or product. But there are a few key strategies that all businesses should use. Keep these in mind as your tools to keep traction with business growth.

1. Listen to your audience

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who go straight to their clients to find out how to improve, what services are needed most, and really listen to how they can provide the most value. 

Take advantage of calling past clients to see if they have suggestions or feedback. Or send out a survey to get a better idea of what people are looking for. What they say can reveal golden nuggets for your business. You can find out what services are most valued, and which ones may need changes or new directions.

 2. Provide an excellent service or product

People love quality. Don't you? Be sure to give the best service you can, and adding little touches of fine customer service can go along way. 

Sure, there's the argument that you can choose quantity over quality... but do you really want to? There's no fulfillment in that. Quality speaks for itself, and in the days of online reviews everywhere, which is extra motivation to excel at whatever you're doing.

3. Prioritize your past clients

Though new clients & customers is important, entrepreneurs often focus so much energy here, they can end up paying no attention to past clients. Thing is, those who have already converted once are more likely to do so again. Plus, they can be your avid supporters in referring others and spreading the word about your services. So be sure to stay in touch with this group as you never know how valuable the ongoing relationship may be. Past clients can be your biggest cheerleaders and offer guidance for your overall growth model.




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