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Creative Boost — The Refill: Creating a Replenishing Self-Care Plan for Entrepreneurs

  • Creative Colony 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 302, Silver Spring, MD, 20910 United States (map)
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Did you know that as an entrepreneur you are at a higher risk for burnout than your corporate counterparts? 

Burnout doesn't have to control your life or your business. This workshop is created to teach entrepreneurs how to develop a self-care plan to replenish all that is poured out into your business, family, and everywhere else. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Key differences between maintaining a lifestyle and self-care care/burnout prevention

  • To gain permission to focus on yourself without feeling selfish 

  • To gain tangible self-care tools that work for your lifestyle and businesses

  • To develop a plan to keep you focused when life, business, and career become hectic


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Latisha Carr is a trained Life Coach and Self-Care Strategist helping entrepreneurs build both a healthy personal foundation and healthy business cultures. Her signature framework allows her to help business owners find their essence all while addressing thoughts and behaviors that are ineffective in helping them reach their goals and dreams. Her goal is to help fellow game-changers in businesses develop excellent work cultures so that they can thrive personally as well as have thriving businesses, happy employees, and increased revenue.

Over the past few years, Latisha has curated events for creatives and entrepreneurs that hasresulted in attendees developing new businesses, reaching higher goals, and developing effective self-care plans for their daily lives. She first introduced “The State of Our 20s: Schoolin’ Life Edition”, a one day conference focused on teaching the subjects not taught in school including creating your own opportunities, entrepreneurship, and building meaningful relationships. Latisha has also launched “Self-Care in the City,” a brunch series that focuses on sharing tips and tools for self-care and well being.

Latisha earned a B.A. in Psychology in 2011 and M.A. in Counseling in 2013, as well as completing an intensive life coach and leadership training program. She utilizes her education and experiences to help people build better lives and businesses. Her personal commitment is to continue to do the work to impact the influencers who impact the masses.